Marketing Tools

G.E.O (Global Epc/eCPM Optimizer)
Want to convert your valuable international traffic to sales, but not sure how?
Tired of the frequent manual updates of your tracking links?
RingtonePartner Global EPC/eCPM Optimizer - is the ultimate solution for you!
Our statistics show that even the most targeted e-commerce sites receive up to 25% international incoming traffic that they cannot convert!
If you only focus on domestic traffic when it comes to driving Internet sales, you are losing guaranteed revenue every day.
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Sub-ID Tracking
The RingtonePartner SubID Tracking feature offers our affiliates the ability to track their traffic from multiple sources (Websites, Newsletters, etc).
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Unique Code - Server-To-Server Reporting System
UC-server-to-server system enables affiliates to pass a dynamic string (Unique Code) to RingtonePartner in every click. This string (Unique Code) is returned back when a lead/sale is generated from that click.
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